Recently I finished “SQL for Data Analysis” course on Udacity platform. It is a really useful course that covers many important topics in SQL ranging from basic to advanced topics.

Course Topics

The course is divided into 7 lessons:

  1. The first lesson talks about basic SQL commands and how to filter the data.
  2. Then the second lesson talks about how to join tables.
  3. The third lesson topic is SQL aggregations.
  4. And then the fourth lesson covers subqueries and temporary tables.
  5. The fifth lesson discusses data cleaning in SQL.
  6. The sixth advanced lesson talks about window functions.
  7. And finally, the seventh advanced lesson talks about advanced joins and performance tuning.

How the Course is Conducted

Each lesson consists of short video lectures and a number of quizzes (with their solutions). It is good because you get to practice in your browser each concept after learning it and the quizzes simulate real-life problems.

The course is free to attend and can be found on this link.